​​​Greater Faith Baptist Church "There's Victory in your Praise and Praise in your Victory"


         Pastor Jerry L Page     



​​​​​​​​​​  Pastor Jerry L. Page was born and raised in South Carolina in "1979 - 2001" 

He joined and retired from the United States Air Force. He currently resides in Las Vegas.

        Doing the time of being in the Military God has blessed him with (4) children

Pastor Jerry Page joined Greater Faith Baptist Church March of 1992 Where he began faithfully singing in 

 the Choir, and with the Thru Faith Gospel Singers until he left to fulfill his duties in the United States Air Force. 

                               Upon Retiring from the Military, Jerry Page returned to Las Vegas and Greater Faith Baptist Church,  

Where he served as a musician with

                   the youth and the adult choir. In his spare time Pastor Page, has worked with local gospel groups such as 

                     Thru Faith, The Angels of Faith, The Gospel Tornadoes and Althea Allen & Friends, He has also worked with the    

Greater Faith Youth and Men Ministry. 

Pastor Page accepted his calling as a Minister and was licensed in 2004 by Pastor Earl Henry Sr in 2007

Pastor Page became the Minister of music and he worked to build the choir to the spirit filled choir it is today.

Minister Page was appointed Assistant Pastor by Pastor Earl Henry Sr and was ordained on November 22, 2009.

In February 2013, God called Minister Jerry L Page to Pastor Greater Faith Baptist Church, He has preached many 

inspiring sermons such as, These Nails Keep Holding Me, Take The Limits Of, Get Out The Boat, Separate

But There's A Life Line, One More Chance, Just Press, There's A Blessing In Your Storm.

He has been Pastoring Greater Faith Baptist Church for 4 years and in those 4 years he has accomplished

many great things. Through God's grace the ​church has been remodeled and has a web-site and more soon to come!

Not only did he work in the ministry, Pastor Page worked a full time job as a Manger at RTC Transportation and

He completed his obligation for 15 years and still manage to do the works of the Lord.

Pastor Page works hard and is very dedicated to the Ministry that God has called him to do.

and he love's the Lord with all his Spirit, Soul & Body, He love's working with the Community, Kingdom Building,

Reaching out to help the Hurting, Stressed, Depressed, and the Confused giving them guidance and encouragement.

He can always be quoted saying. "There's Victory in your Praise and Praise in your Victory!"