The Music Ministry seeks to enrich the service to enrich the service in praise, worship and devotion. Music is the medium through which the soul and spirit reach out to God in worship  and praise. Music Ministry assists the wars in centering their thoughts upon God. For the unbeliever it prepares their heart for the Holy Spirit to Minister to them. The goal of the Sanctuary choir is to set an atmosphere where by we may see His glory.

The Ushers (The Royal Guard) is a Ministry of watchman and handmaidens of the Lord under the anointing of God. Its mission is to provide a worship atmosphere that is free from as many distractions as possible through fulfilling the role of greeting and, seating, security and parking assistance, while still maintaining the freedom order, reverence , and respect for the Holy Spirit (Psalm 84:10) The vision of Royal Guard is to usher in His presence and bring the glory of God to the people in order for them to receive from the Lord the things he desires to perform them.

Our Men Ministry biblically train and equipment to be spiritual leaders in their homes, In the church and in their  places of business, The Men Ministry develops men in christian living to make a positive impact for this generation and those to come. We accomplish this mission through Bible study, discipleship classes, evangelism training, leadership development, accountability groups, mentoring retreats, mission trips and special events, In today's culture, its increasingly important for men to honor God with their hearts and lives.


Greater Faith Baptist Church "There's Victory in your Praise and Praise in your Victory"

Deacons:are expected to be models of commendable faith and help other church members with their own faith. Deacons counsel members of the church as needed; many times they are responsible for helping widows within the congregation came to term with their loss. Deacons  may be required to visit the home of sick or elderly members of the congregation. The deacons, also may help organize church activities, such as picnics or holiday parties.

Women are encouraged to accept their responsibility as women of God who will offer themselves as living sacrifices, acceptable and pleasing to God; be devoted to one another in love, honoring one another above themselves; serve God and their church with zeil, keeping their spiritual favor; joyfully hope: Be patient in  affliction and faithful in prayer; share with God's people who are in need; and practice hospitality, The Verses found in Romans 12; 10-13 are the foundations for these aspirating, We are also encouraged  to be committed to teaching the younger women, as outlined in Titus 2:4.

Greater Faith Baptist Church Ministries

Missions take a lot of examination of you heart. Missions are not the easiest job, and in some cases are very dangerous. In some cases, God may tell you that you're called to be a Christian missionary, but it may be until you're older. Being a missionary means having a servant's heart, so it may take time for you to develop the skills to complete the work of God. It also means having an open heart, because sometimes God will have you  develop close relationships, and then you will one day have to move on to God's next task for you, Sometimes the work is finite. No matter what, God has plans for you. maybe it's missionary work, maybe it's administration or worship closer to home. Missionaries do a lot of good work around the world, and they try to not only make the world a better place, but a more Godly place. The types of work they do vary greatly, but what links all Christian missionaries is a love of God and calling to do God's work.

Evangelism is not intended to be center walls, but rather, out in the community beyond state, and even national borders. The Evangelism Ministry is dedicated to teaching and preaching to our "neighbors" by taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our global neighborhood. Our Evangelists Ministers the Word of GOD through out door services, door to - door outreach, hospital, nursing home, extended care facility and retirement center visits .

The Evangelism Team also Ministers to the souls who telephone in. The Evangelism Team primary goal is to promote the Kingdom primary goal is to promote the Kingdom of God by winning of souls. It is the hope of the Ministry to exemplify the love of Jesus in every manner possible. This ministry's training focus is on how to reach people where they are at their physical location. The Greater Faith Baptist Church  Evangelist team is equipping itself for the greatest harvest ever - the Harvest of Souls into the body of Christ. The challenge is to go out where people are and let them experience the love of the true and living savior.

Youth Ministries calls for passion, patience, and faithfulness - pointing out the sacred in the midst of the chaos of adolescence and walking faithfully with young people as the transition from child to adult. Youth Ministries is a bridging of education, connection, formation, and hopefully, transformation, Responding to Spiritual needs of teens it's about building a trusting relationship,

Greater Faith, Strives to walk with young people on their journeys from childhood to adulthood, recognizing their gifts for Ministry, their question about Spirituality, and their desire to make a difference in the world.